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Friday January 4 is World Hypnotism Day


January 4th, 2013, is World Hypnotism Day.

What is that?

The purpose of this day is to remove the myths and misconceptions about hypnosis and promote the truth and benefits of it. Unlike what you might have seen in movies or television, hypnosis will not make you do anything you do not want to do and it can be highly beneficial to enhance your life in many areas.


Did you know?


Hypnosis has been utilized for more than two hundred years and has even been used for surgical anesthesia.

Trish Ostroski a certified hypnotherapist and  has over a 90% success rate in smoking cessation, weight loss, phobias, habits such as  nail biting as well as stress management, and improvement in sleep and much more. This includes sports enhancement, learning improving, reducing test anxiety and much more.  All accomplished without the side effects of medications or invasive procedures.


Here is more information

Your subconscious mind is in charge of your habits and changes. Hypnosis is effective in harnessing the imagination to create what you want, rather than focusing on what you don’t want. For example, if weight loss is your goal and you are continually tempted by ice cream, if you simply think about not eating ice cream your subconscious will think about what it’s like to have that treat. So ultimately it is tempting you rather than helping you avoid it. Hypnosis has the ability to retrain your subconscious to focus on more desirable food that can take the place of the ice cream and in addition allows you to have a very vivid imaginary experience of being thin, feeling healthy, stopping smoking, and happily reaching the desired goals. You are concentrating on the desired outcome.

Get your year off to a great start

Trish Ostroski is a certified hypnotist in Los Angeles with offices in Tarzana and TolucaLake. In addition, Trish has worked over the phone with clients across the country. Phone sessions are highly effective and convenient.


In honor of World Hypnosis Day, Trish Ostroski is offering free consultations during January.

Please call 818-795-8829. Email trish@rainbowhypno.com  www.rainbowhypno.com





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